One time I tried to be witty, but then I barfed up a blog instead. Also spiderman should have been part of the avengers. Also also if you don't ship clintasha stay away from me
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gwen meeting the villains in the oscorp elevator. 

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Holy crap, this is perfect. It even solves the “what if Spiderman tore his costume” problem. 

I think I’m in love.

I would cosplay the FUCK out of this…

can i have the um.. jacket. please?

Better than the leotard… Definitely.

rad as hell


i really love this version of spider man. like so much. you don’t even know

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WHAT IFClint hasn’t been seen since the Avengers because he had other duties to attend…

insp. by the-age-of-the-understatement's submitted mini fic.

Lucy Pevensie meets the Doctor.

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"This wasn’t the plan."

oh my gosh if you look at the top left one and the one directly below it, it looks like he’s got gamora’s legs

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Oh yeah, creepy guy. Go ahead and continue to hit on Kate and Natasha after they have told you they’re not interested. Go right ahead. I’ll just be over here using your wingman as a human shield so I don’t get your blood on me.